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The technology of rebar thread rolling machine had been improved successfully

Rebar thread rolling machine is one kind of key products in our company. In the last ten years, our workers work hard and enrich their skills continually, then they obtained a series of achievements. At the same time, the technology of our products such as rebar thread rolling machine, rebar couple, cold pressing coupler and so on had been improved successfully.

There are some advantages about rebar thread rolling machine in our company:

1. Don't need to adjusting with test rebar, easy to operate;

2. High accuracy of processed rebar screw thread is more than 98%;

3.Low failure rate, high processing efficiency,labor saving, wearing parts easy to change;

Some progress also can be reflected in the customers: There are more and more customers choose our company as their long-term partner. They say our products are credible. In the future, we will make great efforts to improve our techonlogy. We look forward you sincerely.

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