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Can you tell the difference among all kinds of rebar coupler?

There are different categories about rebar coupler. So if you want to buy and know how to use it , you can first tell the difference among all kinds of them. Now let me show you the classification of rebar coupler in our company.

  There are rolling type rebar coupler and upsetting rebar coupler in our company. What is the difference between them?

  Rebar coupler of rolling technology can connect rebar from diameter 16mm to 40mm. It is parallel thread design, more strong connection than tapered thread couplers. Rolling type rebar coupler can meet the requirement of higher strength rebar such as HRB500 in China also rebar which standard yield strength of 550MPA in other countries.

  Upsetting rebar coupler is suited to projects which required high volumes of couplers. They produce a full strength joint in the rebar connection. The ends of the bars to be joined are cut square and enlarged by cold forging to increase their core diameter and so ensure that the joint is stronger than the bar. The couplers are usually supplied attached to the reinforcing bars.

  Do you have some knowledge about rebar coupler yet? We are looking forward to your coming.

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