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The details of rebar thread rolling machine

Rebar thread rolling machine adopts rolling technology for connecting rebar, easy operation, quick connection.

Rebar threading range: 16mm-40mm
Main motor power: 4KW
Electricity power source: 380V, 50HZ
Max thread length: 100mm
Dimension: 1180*670*1150
Net weight: 590KG

Main features:

1.Rebar thread rolling machine adopts Low-voltage control system,simple operation, safe and reliable.

2.when processing thread, the screw pitch angle mechanism in machine rolling head saves time and energy when processing thread.

3.Stripping rib plate of rebar thread rolling machine uses the latest patented technology,and can adjust position freely, it helps double the rib-stripping plate's lifespan.

4.Rebar thread rolling machine can slightly adjust the machine rolling head, thread processing length could reach 100mm.

5.Rebar thread rolling machine is of high processing speed and production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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