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The Processing of Steel wire head about rebar coupler

The Processing of Steel wire head about rebar coupler

(1)Adjustments required by the test specification steel rod rolling adjust the minimum size of the hole in the head.
(2)Specifications by replacing the steel puck, and adjust stripping rib diameter.
(3)Adjustment stripping rib rolling stoppers and limit switch positions to ensure stripping rib and the length of the thread rolling
(4)Chucking rebar coupler, start stripping rib equipment and rolling processing.
(5)When processing silk head, water-soluble cutting fluid should be used when the temperature is below 0 C, 15-20% should be mixed with sodium nitrite.
(6)The operator should be processing 10 per head with a wire through, ring checked once only, and eliminate unqualified silk head.
(7)After self-qualified silk head, random inspection by quality inspectors to the production of a working class silk head of a batch acceptance, random sampling of 10%, and no less than 10.
(8) inspection of the silk head should be protected in their plus ends with a Thread Protection Cap or tighten the Rebar Coupler, stacked neatly classified according to specifications.
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