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The way of rebar mechanical splice and and traditional reinforced connections

The role of mechanical occlusion effect by pressure or reinforced with steel connector end face , and a reinforcement of the force will be transmitted to the other connection methods reinforcement .It is Called rebar mechanical splice.

Traditional methods of rebar mechanical splice such as lap steel connections , welding and other connections , both from the connection quality, efficiency and operability can not meet the needs of the rapidly growing construction industry . Overlapping connection can not be used to connect large size steel , and there are a lot of inadequacies welding, weld quality are not guaranteed. rebar mechanical splice can avoid these difficulties , have shown significant advantages . The late 1980s, through the introduction of foreign advanced mechanical connection technology , coupled with the continuous efforts of a number of research institutes, experts , our rebar mechanical splice technology to develop rapidly.

Of crude rebar mechanical splice technology is the only developed in the late eighties , with the development and application of cold extrusion sleeve , in recent years , the rapid development of rebar mechanical splicing, have developed a tapered thread , upsetting straight thread , stripping rib straight thread rolling, extrusion rib straight thread rolling , rolling rib rolling straight thread connection technology , and achieved gratifying results.

We offers series of innovative products specialized in rebar mechanical connections with Parallel Thread Rolling technology, Parallel thread Upsetting Technology, Cold Pressing Technology and also Tapered Thread Technology.


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