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Rolling Type Rebar Coupler

Rolling Type Rebar Coupler

Rebar coupler of Rolling Technology can connect rebar from Diameter 16mm to 40mm. It is parallel thread design, more strong connection than tapered thread couplers, and it can made by raw material of S45C which tensile strength is higher than 600MPA and it also can be made by raw material of 40Cr, which can provide more higher tensile strength than S45C, about 980MPa, it can meet the requirement of higher strength rebar such as HRB500 in China also rebar which standard yield strength of 550MPA in other countries.
1. First cutting the rebar end square
2. Peel the rib and threading the rebar end by cold rolling
3. Connect the rebar, it has higher tensile strength than the rebar and make sure the bar break

Coupler Type:
Standard Coupler,

Position Coupler (Left-right hand thread),

Transition Coupler (different diameter)


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