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Rebar Coupler Auto Thread Tapping Machine

Rebar Coupler Auto Thread Tapping Machine

GSJ-32 model rebar coupler auto thread tapping machine is mainly used for rebar couplers thread tapping with size of M32-M16.

This machine has Single-chip computer control, mechanical and hydraulic pressure drive. By the program control, it can do coupler feeding, clamping, thread tapping and discharge automatically. It can reduce the maximum degree of human working and increase the productivity.
This machine has features of high degree of automation, best quality components, lowest failure rate, small voice and smoothly running. It is widely used in rebar coupler manufactures.
Technical Parameter
Rebar Coupler Thread Size: M16-M32
Main Spindle Speed: 420/min   300/min
Max tapping length: 85mm
Gross Power: 4KW+3KW+90W
Dimension: 1200*700*1540mm
Total Weight: 980KG.


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